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Is white keyboard Just for Good Looking?

Is white keyboard Just for Good Looking?

I can answer this question quickly: no. Quite the opposite, white keyboard, as well as white mouse, they serve few significant reasons. If those reasons touch your need, well, let’s think about these little white things.

keyboard in dark environmentPhotography or Video Production: If you engage in photography, video production, or content creation and you want a neutral background for your work area, white peripherals can serve that purpose without introducing unwanted colour reflections.

Visibility in Low Light: White keys can be more visible in low-light conditions compared to dark keys. If you often use your computer in dimly lit environments, a white keyboard may make it easier to see the keys. (Oh yeah, or you can have a keyboard with black lit.)

Psychological Impact: It is a bit like what you wear could change your mood. Colours can have psychological effects, and some individuals find that a clean and bright colour like white contributes to a positive and focused mindset.

Preference for Cleanliness: Really, the last but not least (personally, I count this as the most important consideration), while white surfaces may show dirt more easily, some people appreciate the motivation to keep their peripherals and workspace clean. Regular cleaning can contribute to a well-maintained and organised environment.

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