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I Don’t Choose a Wired Keyboard Just Because It Is Cheaper

I Don’t Choose a Wired Keyboard Just Because It Is Cheaper

First and foremost, it's a common misconception that wired keyboards are always more affordable. In reality, they can be quite expensive at times. While, in many cases, the wired version, like those from Perixx, may be relatively cheaper than its wireless counterpart, there are several factors beyond price that deserve consideration.

Periboard-835, ergonomic and mechanical keyboard

Consistency and Responsiveness: Bluetooth connections can be challenging for some users. "The computer and the keyboard just won't connect!"—a frustration that, to be fair, doesn't seem to plague Perixx's products. Wired peripherals, on the other hand, generally boast lower latency and heightened responsiveness, making them particularly well-suited for gaming and tasks demanding quick and precise input.


No Battery Concerns: A familiar cry in my previous workplace was, "Where can I find the battery?" This issue can be particularly vexing, especially in urgent situations. Wired peripherals alleviate this concern altogether by not requiring batteries or charging, ensuring a constant and uninterrupted connection.


Setup and Compatibility: Setting up wired peripherals is generally a breeze—simply plug and play. They are also less susceptible to interference, offering a straightforward and reliable user experience.

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